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What is Regulation D?

Regulation D
Michigan Community Credit Union complies with the Federal Reserve Bank's Regulation D. This Regulation limits the number of transactions you can make from your share accounts each month. This is a Federal Regulation, not a Michigan Community Credit Union regulation. Share accounts include, but are not limited to, regular Savings, Special, Holiday and Vacation Club accounts.

Each member account is allowed a total of six (6) Reg D transactions per month.


  • Point of Sale transactions (POS) and deposit and withdrawal transactions made at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

  • Transfers done in person at any of our office locations

  • Transfers to make loan payments

  • Automatic transfers from a share account to a share or share draft account


  • Transfer requests made in writing and delivered through the mail or a messenger
  • Overdraft protection for a share draft account made form a line of credit
  • Any transaction from a share draft account which does not necessitate an overdraft transfer from a share account
  • Withdrawals made by telephone (via check mailed to depositor)    


transactions affected by reg d


Transaction Explanation Reg D Action
Overdraft Protection Transfers made from share account to a share draft account to cover a check, pre-authorized debit, a payment initiated by miPay bill pay, or a transaction initiated at an ATM or POS. When the item is presented for payment on the share draft account and you do not have funds available in that account, your overdraft protection will not cover them if you have already had 6 Reg D transactions for the moth. The item will be returned unpaid and an NSF fee will be charged to your account.
miTalk, miMobile or miTeller Transfers Transfers from a share account to another share or share draft account through our telephone, mobile app, or online banking. After you have reached a total of 6 Reg D transactions for the month, your request will be rejected.
ACH Debits Pre-authorized payment form a share account to pay a third-party item (mortgage payments, insurance payments, etc.) When 6 Reg D transactions have been reached in a given month, your ACH debit will be returned unpaid to the originator and an NSF fee will be charged to your account.
Employee Assisted Transfers A request by a member to any of our employees over the telephone to perform a transfer transaction form a share account. After reaching 6 Reg D transactions for the month, the employee will inform you that your limit has been reached and that your transaction cannot be processed at this time.